God’s Will. Where is it?

What is the Will of God? What does it mean that something or event is the Will of God?

First of all, it is good to affirm that the Will of God does not imply a passive or reactive attitude on our side but a pro-active one.

What “happens” is always ambiguous, I would say “neutral” in the determination of God’s will. Whether this or that is God’s will, whether this event or that event is God’s will, is not decided regardless of the subject that relates to this or that, this event or that event.

If my mom dies or I win a competition, it is not the event “in itself” – whether it be positive or negative – “God’s will”. I repeat: it is not the objectivity of something that has in itself the qualification of “God’s will”. Not even the a priori affirmation that all that is positive (the Good) is the Will of God while the negative is not. For example: saying that death was not and is not God’s will has no sense. What happens, is. It is neither good nor bad.

Something or event is good or bad always referring-to and “in-relation-to” something else, that is, to a knowing and willing subject with its intentionality.

An event or something is good, because it is assumed in an act of intentionality towards the good, within a benevolent project. Whether raining is a good event depends on my intentional project for that day, but it is not good in itself. It’s good-for-me-now.

The same is true when we affirm that something or event is the Will of God. It is not the event which in itself is the Will of God but the “relationship” between “me” and that “something”. I repeat: between “my” subjectivity and something objective (in general: the world). Therefore, the relationship between “God” and “something / event” is not “immediately” given. The relationship between God and the world (this or that event, this or that thing) is “known” or “revealed” always and in any case through the mediation of “my / our” subjectivity.

It is I (or we) who “discover” the Will of God in something or event when I assume what I live or happens around me into the intentionality of the Good, the Gospel or the Kingdom of God. To put more clearly. If my mother dies or I win a competition, these events are not already in themselves “God’s will” but they become “God’s Will” when I discover in them the possibilities of Good (indeed, of a greater good “Magis”) and an opportunity for loving more. How can I love more here and now, in this current situation? Is it God’s Will that I marry or become a priest, religious, or remain single? When I ask myself these questions it is not a question of guessing what God ever wanted when he created me. Instead, it is a question of becoming aware of one’s life-in-the-world and looking at it as a possibility towards a greater good than the actual reality, so that what is revealed as a simple matter of “fact” becomes “the act of giving oneself”. To discover the will of God means to become co-creator of God in the various situations of life.

Is my mom dead? Is it God’s will that she died? Such question makes no sense, since my mother’s death “becomes” God’s Will only when I discover in this event a possibility to act according to my intentionality towards the Good. I know what good means – for example – by reading the Gospel, studying the world, researching with reason and relying on the Good that sustains everything, that is, trusting God.

The will of God, therefore, is a pro-active (non-reactive) response of my subjectivity in which I become “co-creator” with God, transforming events, situations and things into God’s original Project.


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