How to understand the Immaculate Conception?

  1. Perfection is never a beginning, but always a fulfillment. Every beginning is therefore marked not by sin which reduces the state of perfection granted to humanity from its creation, but by a blessing, by a promise of fulfillment addressed to every creature.
  2. God’s action is not punctual, here and now, nor is it privileged, to these and not to those. God’s blessing is given once and to all from eternity. All creation realises this eternal blessing according to its temporal and dynamic receptivity.
  3. At the beginning is the blessing and the promise of fullness that God offers to all, but nothing is accomplished without the creature, which is incomplete and cannot receive this blessing entirely in a single instant, which is why good is realised in becoming. Progress not Perfection.
  4. Every creature embodies the promise of blessing through its receptivity in every moment of its history, but it can also reject such promise. This possibility is inevitable due to creaturely imperfection.
  5. Mary is the ecclesial image of the Original Blessing (Immaculate Conception) but its source is Jesus Christ, her son. The human Jesus is the “real” historical fulfillment of the Original Blessing (God has blessed us with every blessing in the Son and as his children). Jesus Christ is the principle and foundation of Divine Blessing given from the very beginning to everyone. All of us – like Mary – were conceived “immaculate” … “in spe” and “in filio”.
  6. Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Immaculate Conception; as any other creatures, Mary received the eternal blessing from Christ. She was “full of grace” as we all are “full of grace”. She totally fulfilled her Divine destiny in the Assumption in Heaven. We are on the Way (the Way of Jesus Christ) to that Destiny as well.


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